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    This webpage is inspired by and dedicated to my passion for Mount Rinjani, my love for trekking and sharing it as a guide

    I am based in the village of Senaru. I provide information and inspiration to Rinjani Paradise on my home island Lombok, and will help you prepare an extraordinary travel experience.

    Armed with many years of experience in guiding, I want to share and present the experience of Rinjani Paradise with our guests. Our team of welcoming and friendly professionals will always keep performing to provide you with the experience you are looking for when Rinjani Paradise

    We can help you to hike and enjoy Lombok’s most stunning nature and we hope you will have an amazing and fun experience. We also provide all necessary climbing and camping equipment, food and drink and hygienic items. We are 100% committed to help maintain the preservation of Mount Rinjani.

    If you are interested, please contact usfor more information!