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    Full Day
    Lombok, Nusa Tenggara Barat


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    Your first stop will be Kebon Rowek Traditional Market where you can see all local Sasak Lombok sell and buy all daily need.


    Banyumulek is one of the principal pottery centres on the island .located about 10 km south of Mataram ,it has become known throughout the International art wirld the enormous, eraborately decorated pots which are produced here .the pots were originally intended as utensils, with a variety of roles to play in village life including food preparation and the performance of ceremonies

    SUKARARA- 28 Km SE from Mataram

    This traditional village has a bustling weaving industry which still employs the skills handed down from generationto generation .these traditionally trained villagers produce an exquisite array of fine woven cloths using cotton silk or gold and silver to create their original designs, for which lombok is now famous.

    RAMBITAN AND SADE -42 Km SE from Mataram

    Despite catering to many visitors, these traditional villages still offer a glimpse of life as it must have once been especially the traditional thatched architectural design of the dwellings ,with their soaring roofs. they also offer visitors the opportunity of trying their hand at weaving Gedogan using simple looms.

    Kuta beach

    KUTA BEACH -55 Km SE from mataram
    On the ruggedly beautiful south coast, lies the impressive white sandy expanse of Kuta Beach .the beach is a perfect place to wander at low tide, among a plethora of shells ,coral and other marine life .The people of Lombok call this pristine Beach Putri Nyale.Every year ,in the tenth month of the Sasak Calender (February or March ) ,The Bau Nyale ceremony is held where the local people join together at night to catch sea worms by torchlight ,while early singing Pantun (traditional poetry

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